Our Values

Hamilton adheres to various core principles that underscore the stringent operational and professional standards and framework upon which we conduct our investments:


We display unwavering fortitude in achieving our vision and goals. Fortitude is necessary to strengthen and sharpen the mind and allows us to overcome, excel and succeed.


We leverage and build on our collective experiences, with a constant emphasis on teamwork and excellence, to create greater synergies and positive outcomes for all stakeholders.


We operate as one firm, dedicated to succeed together with our partners and investors, through the alignment of interests, to achieve their long-term goals.


We pride ourselves on our ability and conscientious efforts to stay ahead of the curve; identify and act on shifts in structural and emerging trends to enhance the risk-return profile of our investments.


We foster a culture of ownership at every level of the organization and manage the Firm as reliable partners to our portfolio companies and as responsible stewards of capital to maximize returns for our investors.


We approach every targeted investment and transaction with a forensic understanding and in-depth analysis of the dynamics warranted for the most complex investments.