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Value-Oriented Investment Management

Hamilton is a long-biased, value-oriented investment management firm serving world-renowned institutional investors who invest in a broad spectrum of private equity investments via the Hamilton Fund (“the Fund”). The Fund adopts a multi-strategy approach to investing in order to generate an optimal risk-return profile while ensuring that the Fund captures the most compelling investment opportunities across different industry segments and geographical markets. In addition, Hamilton seeks to integrate environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors into our investment process in response to sustainable living and responsible investing.

With unrivalled capabilities to leverage on valuable resources and relationships globally, the Fund manages capital for the most prestigious global institutional investors across the Middle East and East Asia. Our dedicated team of senior professionals with diverse skill sets work together to ensure the seamless execution of every single transaction and investment. Our combined expertise across a multitude of asset classes, industry segments and markets, allows us to analyse, value, and support our investments in the face of a complex set of industry dynamics.

Hamilton adheres to a shared vision and collaborative culture that resonates amongst each and every team member to deliver attractive, consistent investment performance metrics to meet the expectations and investments needs of our distinguished investors.

The dynamism and rapid pace of global economic development and technological advancement demand vast yet targeted local expertise and knowledge. With that in mind, Hamilton devotes the full scope of our intellectual capital and global network to the goals of discovering and investing in industry leaders and game-changers that are currently at or will be at the forefront of their respective industries.

    Our Competitive Advantage

  • Expansive Balance Sheet

    Ready access to a sizeable balance sheet sets us apart. Our strong balance sheet enables access to unrivalled investment opportunities and allows us to deploy substantial capital to the most compelling transactions of significant size.

  • Capital Preservation

    Prudence and diligence underscore our disciplined and proactive approach to investing. Protecting the capital entrusted to us is at the forefront of how we perceive and manage our portfolio risk.

  • Operational Expertise

    Our seasoned investment professionals and global industry network underscore the depth and breadth of our operational capabilities that create exceptional value for our portfolio companies and investors.

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