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Technology, Media & Telecommunications (‘’TMT’’)

Hamilton’s TMT strategy is about identifying both established and emerging platforms within secular high-growth industry segments with seasoned or entrepreneurial management teams and proven or innovative businesses models that we can invest to build or bolster as future and existing market leaders and industry game-changers.

Our deep technical and industry expertise in many areas of evolving technology, media and communications, brings in-depth knowledge of emerging technology trends and business models, disruptive technologies as well as unique insights into evolving customer and channel dynamics.

We focus our concerted efforts on the deployment of substantial capital through acquisitions of majority stakes at attractive valuations across various industry segments, including but not limited to Internet, Fintech, Blockchain, Internet of Things (‘’IoT’’), Digital Media as well as Satellite Technologies.

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Our Healthcare strategy focuses on value creation through collaboration with entrepreneurial businesses to catalyse growth and spearhead both medical and technological breakthroughs across industry segments to create solutions to unmet needs. These industry segments include but are not limited to Biotechnology, Medical Devices and Life Sciences.

Our strong operational expertise on product and market development as well as our deep understanding of the industry growth opportunities and their related drivers enable us to add best-in-class value to multiple stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem. We typically build and support both market leaders and innovators by driving clinical, strategic, technological differentiation across these organizations with whom we form strategic and long-term partnerships.

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Prime Real Assets

The Hamilton Fund invests in prime real assets across major cities around the globe. These real estate assets are mainly acquired through, but not limited to, en-bloc acquisitions and large scale developments.

Our Prime Real Assets business employs Core and Core-plus strategies where asset values are unlock through strategic value-add and monetization plans in order to deliver long-term stable income stream with potential for capital appreciation. These strategies typically seek deep-value investments including but not limited to defensive, current-yield-producing assets, providing investors with stable and consistent returns over the lifecycle of the investment.

Every investment opportunity is scrutinized and evaluated on its own merit, supported by a rigorous due diligence process and extensive industry expertise and network.

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