Our Hallmarks


Extraordinary People

Our deep and diverse talent pool is supported by a collaborative culture where we nurture and grow as a community of unique, creative and independent thinkers.


Best-In-Class Technology

Heavy investment and ongoing development ensure our team members have the best tools possible to succeed.


Diversified Investment Products

Our broad range of diversified investment products are distinct yet complimentary to one another and solve a wide range of portfolio needs across Private Equity and Digital Asset Investment.


Expansive Balance Sheet

Ready access to a sizeable balance sheet sets us apart. Our strong balance sheet enables access to unrivalled investment opportunities and allows us to deploy substantial capital to the most compelling transactions of significant size.


Capital Preservation

Prudence and diligence underscore our disciplined and proactive approach to investing. Protecting the capital entrusted to us is at the forefront of how we perceive and manage our portfolio risk.


Operational Expertise

Our seasoned investment professionals and global industry network underscore the depth and breadth of our operational capabilities that create exceptional value for our portfolio companies and investors.

Recent Press

Here's a list of recent press accolades we've received from around the globe.

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Improving the lives of Hong Kongers starting a new life in Britain

September 20, 2021 • by Yahoo Finance

One of the most distinguished names in Hong Kong, esteemed entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mr William Je, has embarked upon a quest to help many of those 5.4 million eligible Hong Kong citizens seeking to relocate and set up residency in the UK.

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Moore Cayman launches blockchain audit verification service

June 25, 2021 • by hedgeweek.com

Accountancy firm Moore Cayman, which specialises in providing audit services to investment funds and the digital asset industry including nearly 200 cryptocurrency-focused funds, has launched the first verification service for its audit clients through a public blockchain.

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