About Us

Hamilton is a long-biased, value-oriented investment management firm serving world-renowned institutional investors who invest in a broad spectrum of private equity investments via the Hamilton Fund (“the Fund”). The Fund adopts a multi-strategy approach to investing in order to generate an optimal risk-return profile while ensuring that the Fund captures the most compelling investment opportunities across different industry segments and geographical markets. In addition, Hamilton seeks to integrate environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors into our investment process in response to sustainable living and responsible investing.

Differentiated Approach   |   Deep Industry Expertise   |   Operational Excellence

Key Strategies

Technology, Media & Telecommunications (‘’TMT’’)

Hamilton’s TMT strategy is about identifying both established and emerging platforms within secular high-growth industry segments with seasoned or entrepreneurial management teams and proven or innovative businesses models that we can invest to build or bolster as future and existing market leaders and industry game-changers.


Our Healthcare strategy focuses on value creation through collaboration with entrepreneurial businesses to catalyse growth and spearhead both medical and technological breakthroughs across industry segments to create solutions to unmet needs.

Prime Real Assets

The Hamilton Fund invests in prime real assets across major cities around the globe. These real estate assets are mainly acquired through, but not limited to, en-bloc acquisitions and large scale developments.