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Foresight and diligence in the discovery of transformative

Value-Oriented Investment Management

Hamilton is a long-biased, value-oriented investment management firm serving world-renowned institutional investors who invest in a broad spectrum of private equity investments via the Hamilton Fund (“the Fund”). The Fund adopts a multi-strategy approach to investing in order to generate an optimal risk-return profile while ensuring that the Fund captures the most compelling investment opportunities across different industry segments and geographical markets. In addition, Hamilton seeks to integrate environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors into our investment process in response to sustainable living and responsible investing.

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We display unwavering fortitude in achieving our vision and goals. Fortitude is necessary to strengthen and sharpen the mind and allows us to overcome, excel and succeed.


We leverage and build on our collective experiences, with a constant emphasis on teamwork and excellence, to create greater synergies and positive outcomes for all stakeholders.


We operate as one firm, dedicated to succeed together with our partners and investors, through the alignment of interests, to achieve their long-term goals.


We foster a culture of ownership at every level of the organization and manage the Firm as reliable partners to our portfolio companies and as responsible stewards of capital to maximize returns for our investors.

Foresight & Discipline

We pride ourselves on our ability and conscientious efforts to stay ahead of the curve; identify and act on shifts in structural and emerging trends to enhance the risk-return profile of our investments.

Analysis & Tenacity

We approach every targeted investment and transaction with a forensic understanding and in-depth analysis of the dynamics warranted for the most complex investments.

Differentiated Approach | Deep Industry Expertise | Operational Excellence

Vision & Mission

In a global economic climate characterized by heightened volatility and macro-economic uncertainty, change is the only constant. Swift adaptation to these changes while adhering to our core values and principles constitute the fundamentals of the dynamic culture that we foster at Hamilton.

With that in mind, Hamilton is conscientious of the investments we partake, the roles we undertake and the values that we endeavour to create. In line with our vision and mission, we endeavour to bring about constructive and positive impact and outcomes for all our stakeholders and society at large.


    Hamilton aims to be a premier global investment management firm and the partner of choice, that is recognised for supporting thriving, best-in-class businesses that deliver sustainable and innovative solutions that bring about positive and transformative changes around the world.


    Hamilton endeavours to serve as the pre-eminent platform connecting world-class businesses and innovations between Asia and the rest of the world while seeking to deliver optimal risk-return for our investors.

Key Strategies

The Hamilton Approach – Systematic, Structured And Proven Strategies Together With Execution Precision And Operational Excellence

Technology, Media & Telecommunications ("TMT")


Prime Real Assets

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Our Focus

Hamilton focuses on secular trends and stable growth in the most attractive industries and markets across the globe to offer investors unrivalled access to unique investments with high potential for generating strong risk-adjusted returns across all market conditions.

Our focus, together with a rigorous due diligence and investment committee approval process, ensures that Hamilton is highly selective in the investments that we pursue.

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By being highly selective and focused, Hamilton is able to be:

Exceedingly meticulous in our due diligence of every single targeted opportunity through applying a forensic understanding of the dynamics that constitute and identify the most promising investment.

Efficiently allocate and actively deploy the most appropriate resources to assist portfolio companies to realize their maximum potential.

Effectively and closely monitor and manage every aspect of our investments and executions at every stage of the investment process from deal origination to value creation and exit.